Beemax Unilinks guides you through complex issues concerning your education and career abroad.


Beemax Unilinks helps you choose the right institution considering your financial and social circumstances, academic record, career ambition and availability of courses.

Welcome To Beemax Unilinks

Dear Students

We understand your aspirations for a safe and secure future. We also acknowledge your need for having a challenging career and desire to excel in the increasingly globally competitive economies and cosmopolitan social and working environment. Hence we emphasise the need for selecting the right course of education for you, so that it is a perfect fit with your wider career objectives and would stand as a mile stone in your professional life.

Whether you want to pursue your career abroad or come back to India after your education abroad, we have answers to most of the questions you have in mind about your future plans. Where our team in India don't know the answers, we will seek expert advice from our permanent representative in the UK to guide students on various educational issues with universities in the UK.  You can make a fully informed decision without any anxieties at the back of your mind. We are confident to offer this possibility to you since we already have substantial experience of helping students get access to the best possible education to match their ambition and skills, while also taking into consideration their current academic record and financial situation.

We also know from our experience that higher education abroad can not only be very rewarding for the future but it can also be the happiest time in your life. This can only happen if you plan and organise your education abroad intelligently. Our services are designed not only to process your application to the college or university of your choice but also to suitably guide you and prepare you for this big step forward in your life.

The services we provide to the students are free of charge.

We believe in one-to-one counselling, since every student has unique career needs and his or her current circumstances may be different from other aspiring students. We are well known for our professional and friendly manner. We are methodical in our processes and encourage our clients to discuss all issues related to their career in detail and develop a proper understanding before making a final decision. We will walk you through the career guidance process, selection of the right education programme and institution, application process and will advise on relevant educational issues that matter to you.

Pankaj Arora